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Leadership of today’s arts organizations takes stamina, adaptability, and creativity. Below Don Schmincke, Jonathan Gosling, Henry Mintzberg, Amy Raden, and John McCann share their perspectives on the task at hand.

*Don Schmincke: The Strategic Planning Delusion

Schmincke talks about the over twenty years of research that finds thousands of CEOs voicing their frustration with strategic planning efforts. Not a new complaint, the issue has been exposed in books like Henry Mintzberg’s Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning or by notables like Tom Peters describing the 10 percent success rates of strategy as “wildly inflated.” It’s not that spending time on strategic planning is bad, but what should executives do differently?

*Henry Mintzberg: Crafting Strategy

In Mintzberg's "Crafting Strategy" he asserts the formal planning alone is not the best way for managers to develop strategy. Facts, figures, and forecasts are necessary; but managers also need an intuitive understanding of the organization, a feel for the business not unlike a potter's feel for the clay. Strategy is not just a plan for the future but also a pattern out of the past. Strategies are not always deliberate--they also emerge over time as organizations innovate and respond to their markets.

John McCann: Leadership as Creativity

McCann talks about finding the opportunity hidden within decision making and dialogue in his article for the National Endowment for the Arts Lessons Learned: A Planning Toolsite.

Jonathan Gosling & Henry Mintzberg: The Five Minds of a Manager

Gosling and Mintzbery explore the world of the manager that is complicated and confusing in this 2003 (yet still timely) article. Making sense of it requires not a knack for simplification but the ability to synthesize insights from different mind-sets into a comprehensible whole.

Amy Raden: Acknowledging Individual Achievement

Raden, CIO for E*Trade, talks about acknowledging the individual achievement in a collaborative, innovative environment. This video is part of the Fastcompany "30 Second MBA" series.

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