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What Our Clients Say

"This course has breathed new life into my work and organization, this course is invaluable.”

"Working with John McCann WORKS!"

"I'm not sure anyone can know how much this program meant to me, an amazing experience and opportunity for growth!”

"Rising Leaders truly has initiated a major shift in the way I approach my career and personal life."

"John McCann is a magician. The creative new ideas that have flowed from this

process have been transformational."

"Our experience was amazingly focused, productive, & catalytic. John's superb facilitation made all the difference."

"John engaged our community, inspired our board, & allowed me to better understand the skills required to lead The Clay Studio.”

"This was great instruction! He’s so very engaging, everyone at the Agency should take this course!”

"Working with John has been a complete

pleasure & has added immeasurable to my own competencies while

helping to transform our organization.”

"John's keen observation & great questions have been integral to Kidznotes success!”

"John provided the perfect balance of feedback & truth seeking through positive, transparent inquiry. We so admire his approach & are forever grateful.”

“This is a must have, especially in light of our focus on 
the recent values revitalization.”

"John always brought strategic vision, valuable knowledge, & absolut grace to each discussion.”

"Thank you for truly leading by example! CAELI was terrific & will remain with me in the work that I do for the rest of my days!”

"John has proved to be a master facilitator even in the most challenging circumstances.”

Exciting News!!

Join us for a conversation about scenario building, a timely, informed and efficient way to craft bold visions and useful strategies for moving forward in uncertain times. Times of disruption are also times of significant innovation. John will lead a 90-minute engagement around the four step scenario building process. Click here for more information and to register!

Meghan Martin (Rising Leaders 2019) appointed Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing! Find out more about Rising Leaders!

Rachel Lappen (Emerging Leaders 

Program 2020) heads to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland as their Chief Development Officer. Learn more about ELP!

Noah Bloom (CAELI 2013), named as the Executive Director of the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven, CT. Congratulations Noah!

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